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iPhone mail password hasn’t transferred to new phone

Hi there, have upgraded to a 11 pro from a iPhone 8. Did the download from the cloud install and all apps etc are there except my emails and log in for gmail through the iPhone email app (not the gmail app) so have tried to log in and entered password but can’t remember the right one so did the password recovery which only gives me the option to send a code to another email address so did that, entered code but google says can’t confirm it’s me and gives no other recovery options.

As the email still works on the iPhone 8 is there a way to get the pw off that? Have gone to settings/passwords but there’s nothing there.

if I decided to wipe the iPhone 11 and start again but transfer everything by placing phones next to each other and wireless transfer will the iPhone mail app bring everything thing across including log in?

Thanks for your help

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