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Greetings to all members of the community 😃 👋. I have some simple questions to ask about my Apple Music 🎵 subscription plan.

At the moment, I use the default 6.99€ / month plan for a single person, and I would like to implement either of the following. :

  1. Switch to the student plan, for half the price and access to Apple TV + Originals ( using my cousin’s Student ID ) Is this possible to be done without his actual presence? I can provide the required information and his approval through phone but due to distance limitations, it’s currently impossible to be present face to face.
  2. If “1.” Is impossible to be done, family sharing could be a thing. I am not certain about the way it works, but we as a family of 3 people in total are planning on merging our devices to further extend the iCloud storage plan and begin sharing the total space.

Thank you for your time to read this, feel free to express any sort of opinion or thought 💡😉

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