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iOS 13 iCloud Notes Issue?

I have used Notes on iOS 13 and Mac OS for a while. I am having a ton of issues with notes syncing after recent upgrades. I have a new iPad Pro, a Macbok Air, an iPhone 8, a new Mac mini, etc. All have always had Notes that sync perfectly. Literally I go to type a new note on one device and it syncs perfectly on the other. But suddenly I started having issues where notes syncing randomly cuts out, or it takes forever for notes to show up on other devices. I have done a number of internet searches and can't see this as a common issue. I have signed out and back in, I have changed networks, reset devices, and I don't have time to reformat computers, iPads, iPhones, etc. The reason why I have Apple stuff is to not do this sort of thing. Any reason why notes doesn't work well suddenly or is anyone else having this issue?


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