iMac Siri showing unexpected behaviour

Hi, I have bought my iMac on 20th Feb 2020. Until this moment, I face lot of issues.

One is shared albums is not working as expected.

The second one is Siri function issue.

Siri is functioning fine with my log in. If my other user logs in and logout then I will face the issue of Siri not functioning when I login again.

I have called the Apple Care, and they did initial troubleshooting and couldn't solve the issue.

What they did was, they asked me to shutdown the iMac and power on by holding shift key (Safe Boot). Then login and found the Siri Not Available. Then again shutdown and power on, then it was functioning fine. But again I login to other user account and back to mine, the Siri stops working. Its weird.

Paid huge amount for Apple products and facing lot of unexpected behaviours of applications.

Is anyone help me here?

FYI: I have made sure that the system preferences Siri was enabled for all account users. But still not working if multiple users login and logout.



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