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Apple and developers are stealing my money and my time!

Can you find proper games and apps on the App Store lately?

I just paid 3$ on 4 different apps (so 12$) today to remove ads (clearly marked “Remove Ads”) and still have ads on those apps. The worst thing is losing my time to find a game that has that purchase option, because lately all is just spam on the App Store.

I have 3 small kids, I am looking for nice games to let them fun in the limited time available on the ipad. Limited because they are no allowed too much time on the ipad considering they get really addicted anyway ..

Basically, I can not find a simple game on the app store that is paid and has no adds! The search option doesn’t have an “show only paid apps” and the freeware is killing the last good apps out there.

I have apple Arcade, but simple games like Talking Tom, Tom hero or Pen Run don’t have equivalents in the Arcade.

Lately all the easy to find games have in-app purchases like “stack of tokens 4.99$” or “little pile of tokens 2.99$”, hard to find anything with no ads! And when you find it it’s fake and it’s just lying to you!

I will get my refund from apple, but as I said the 12$ is not the main issue here.

Apple gets to be more and more like android, more and more like facebook and youtube with tons of adds everywhere. But I just can NOT accept it, considering I pay full price on iphones, ipads, apple tv and so on, they just DO NOT control their app store anymore ..

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