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Error message "The operation couldn't be completed. (PHAssetExportRequestErrorDomain error 2.)" when copying shared album to local album on Mac

I need to download a shared album in Photos (Version 5.0 – 131.17.170) to a new local album so I can sort it by date. When I try to do so it nearly completes but before it finishes I get the error;

"The operation couldn't be completed. (PHAssetExportRequestErrorDomain error 2.).

I have tried this with the full album (~4.5k photos and videos) and with smaller portions of the album. I get this error message each time. I was able to get 1 photo exported to the local album but doing that 4.5k times might be a little tedious [/s].

Does anyone know how to resolve this error so I can export/download to my local album from the shared album?

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