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Specific Questions about Apple Music's Behavior before I subscribe: convince me

Hi There! I'd have some questions about Apple Music, and can't seem to get solid answers from any articles, and Apple's Documentation doesn't cover some of my specific questions.

Here's my situation:

So I have a rather large music library (about 1TB worth) and that makes it difficult to curate easily for local placement on my iOS devices.

I currently use a Plex server, but its content management for music has not quite arrived yet, so I'm looking into streaming services.

I have a Spotify trial, however they don't have half the stuff that I do, so when I import playlists, it concocts these weird bootlegs of the closest name and makes streaming what I already own pointless.

I want to get in on Apple Music, but I have some severe reservations about its matching services and what that might mean for the Music Library that I have carefully curated for over 2 decades.

My main concerns are this:

– I heard *horror stories* from people when they first signed up for Apple Music that if they had unique or original tracks in their music library, that Apple Music would attempt to match the song with something from their database, and replace the original file with an incorrectly matched one, thus deleting the original (possibly only) file. Is this true? And if only "kind of", then in what circumstances?

– If I apply my own metadata to a track, will it not allow me to save it or revert it back the metadata they have? For example, I own a lot of soundtracks, and their official name sometimes is "*SOUNDTRACK TITLE (Original Motion Picture Score)*", and I hate that crap at the end of the title (I mean, I know it's the ******* score), so I usually delete it so it looks clean. Will Apple Music end up mandatorily renaming those albums?

– Dovetailing with the Metadata aspect, how does it handle Original Art? I have a bunch of Album Art that I make for myself as a hobby, and have it applied to some of my albums. Will that art be deleted in favor of the Apple Music Album Art? This isn't a dealbreaker, I'm just curious.

– Does Apple Music come with a large enough Apple iCloud Music Library for an Library of my size? Or will I need to curate what I put on the iCloud Music Library to meet a maximum quota?

– What are the downsides of Apple Music compared to other streaming services like Deezer or Spotify? I know there's a bunch of articles about "which is the best" but none of them are updated for 2019/2020.

– How does Apple Music deal with "Recently Added" albums on your iTunes to be reflected in the Apple Music App? Does it just show up after upload/matching like if I locally stored it?

– What happens if iTunes doesn't have a track that I do? Can I still stream it from my iCloud Music Library? Or am I S.O.L.?

Thanks for your help! Hopefully someone here will have enough info to help me make the right decision!

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