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Crackling sound via bluetooth on Sony HT-RT3 sound bar speakers using 2013 MacBook Air

Hi All,

I have been facing a strange issue since last couple of months. I have a 2013 MacBook Air running Mac OS Catalina version 10.15. Whenever I connect my laptop with my Sony HT-RT3 home theatre system via bluetooth then I always get crackling sound while watching Netflix, Youtube or any other videos. This sound usually occurs when a new video starts or when any scene gets changed on the movie. I am not sure what could be the reason but this sound is so annoying that it really ***** like ****. I tried watching the same movies & videos via bluetooth using my iPhone XR with my same Sony HT-RT3 system but it didn't cause any such crackling sound.

I would really appreciate your help if anyone of you could suggest any solution to resolve this issue.

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