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iPod Touch 7th Generation

Hello. I recently purchased an iPod Touch 7th Generation. Everything is great with it but I notice I don’t get sounds with my notifications. The notifications come through just fine but the accompanying sounds do not. I even sent myself an email to see if it would make a sound and it did not. I checked if I mistakenly had on Do Not Disturb but it was off and under Sounds the volume slider is in the middle. I also noticed that I no longer have the clicking sound when I type. Is there some sort of silent mode that has nothing to do with Do Not Disturb? I’m running iOS 13.1.3 so I’m wondering if it’s some sort of bug. When I go into Sounds to select what sounds I want for each notification they play just fine when selecting them. So that’s weird. By the way,the sound is fine when I watch a YouTube video for example. Any help is appreciated.

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