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Pinterest can't access my photos

whenever it ask me to give access, instead of going to setting/privacy/photo, it takes me to the setting/pinterest, and there is no option of changing photo access (there are "allow access to camera", to Siri, to notification, background refresh but no "access to photos")..and if I go to privacy/photo myself, Pinterest is not there which means it didn't ask for access at all…

And here are the things people suggested in a old post that I have tried:

1, setting/privacy/photo

–NO, as I said Pinterest didn't show up there

2, general/restriction

–NO, don't have that option any more in the IOS13…

3, general/reset/reset location & privacy

–NO, by doing this, it clears my list of apps asked for access, but when I try to access photos from Pinterest again, still Pinterest seems doesn't know where to ask for its access, Pinterest just take me to its own setting and it won't appear in that "asked for access to photos" list still…

4, turn off phone and turn back on

–NO use.

5, tap that "camera" icon in Pinterest, then choose photo library


This is actually very smart! but no, when I tap that photo library, again Pinterest seems doesn't know where to ask for access and just take me to its own setting/Pinterest page and still didn't appear in that "asked for access to photos" page.

I have tried everything…any suggestions??

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