iCloud on my PC

Change location of iCloud's storage

Hi I hope you can help.

I have iCloud for Windows installed on my Windows 10 PC. I had set it up so that the "local" copies of the photos were stored on a NAS instead of the local drive. iCloud was set to access the files usign the IP address of the NAS. All was working well.

Unfortunately I've had to change the IP address of the NAS. I was going to point iCloud at the new IP address, but when I open the photo settings, the paths and the Change buttons (for both upload and download locations) are gone (see screenshot attached) and so I can't alter the paths.

I've tried "repair" and I've tried uninstalling iCloud and reinstalling it, but to no avail.

Can anyone tell me how to edit the paths in the absence of the Change buttons?

Many thanks

Change location of iCloud's storage

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