iCloud on my iOS device

Weird Note on my iCloud notes

Has anyone else seen this on a note in iCloud? I have notes disabled on my phone and iPad. Once I discovered it, and tried to send a copy of it on here, my device froze, and once rebooted would not let me put my correct password in ( The box was too small). I ended up having to do a full reboot, but because the password was no longer recognised on the device (has someone managed to change it remotely?) I have had issues using my old user Apple ID and password.

My iPhone is still not right. I have selected a pin code for screen time, if I look in settings at my time and date, it is locked on automatic, with a spinning wheel, and no city listed i.e London. MY iPad displays the proper location and is on a different id.

Any help would be gratefully received. I have discovered I can't send a picture on here so I will type it out…


\cocoatextscaling1\cocoaplatform1{\fonttbl\f0\fnil\fchartset0 .SFUI-Light;}{\colortbl;







I think this is suspicious, as I have not put this there myself.

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