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What exactly happens with iCloud Storage when changing regions?


I've done my best to Google this, and I'm mostly clear on what happens regarding apps and other content when I switch the region and payment method for my AppleID, but I'm not entirely clear on what will happen with my upgraded iCloud storage and the photos stored there.

Backstory: lived in Thailand for 10 years, set up my AppleID there, payment method is there, and so my AppleID region is currently Thailand. Have returned to the USA, have set up my bank account here, and so have a US based payment method. Basically ready to switch my AppleID's region to the USA. I have the upgraded 50GB iCloud storage (35thb or $1us / month) on which about 20GB of photos are currently synced.

Just to be safe, I'll be waiting until the day before my iCloud Storage will auto-renew to do the region switch (sometime next week), but I am unclear about what exactly will happen when I make the switch…

  • Will my 50GB storage continue uninterrupted with the next charge happening on my new USA-based payment method as I switch to the USA region? If so, great.
  • Or, will the upgraded storage feature automatically stop when I switch regions and so I'll have to reactivate it after I've set the new payment method in the USA?
  • If so, what happens to my synced data? Will it automatically detect that it hasn't changed, or am I looking at it deciding it needs to re-sync 20GB of photos to each of my devices and so eat up bandwidth until ~60GB (20GB x 3 devices) gets synced?

The knowledge base articles I looked at didn't really have any clarity on this, so any information that anyone can provide would be most appreciated. Thanks. 🙂

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