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email out of sync across devices, not loading, etc.

My husband's icloud email is completely broken. A couple of months ago we replaced a 2013 MacBook Pro that he used for his home-based business with a refurbished 2018 Mac Mini running Mojave. We also replaced his iPhone 7 with an iPhone 8 and he has an iPad.

On his old MBP, he had several email folders set up 'On My Mac' where he sorted important emails from his clients and business associates. On some thread on Apple Communities, I found directions to move the folders from 'On My Mac' to iCloud to get them from the old computer to the new computer. This has been a train wreck. Since moving the 'On My Mac' folders (with contents) to the iCloud server, his email has been hopeless across all devices. New emails may or may not show up after even 12 hours. It takes several attempts to send emails. Some messages simply disappear. Many times when he deletes a message is shows back up. All three devices plus the web access are out of sync.

This is the account he uses to communicate with his business clients, etc. Is there any way to recover/resurrect his iCloud email account? The server seems to be clueless.

He has had this iCloud ( account since 2007 so EVERYTHING is on this account: Apple Music, email, etc. It is only the email that is messed up.

Thank you for your help!

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