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How to record audio while recording screen?

Hi all!

As you can read from the title I need to record sound which "come" from the screen while I'm recording the screen too.

Maybe I'm here not to ask you how can I do it, because it seems not to be possible (with native apps), but I would like to know why Apple can't create a simple method to do it.

With this momentary situation of the virus, I'm following my university lessons from home and I need to record those lessons with, obviously, the professors' voice.

I searched in Google this problem and I know that it's full of topics about this problem and that one of the solution is to install the Soundflower plugin, but I have some other (solvable) problems:

To record the sound from the screen the plugin requires to choose "Soundflower (2ch)" for input and output at the same time. So I won't be able to listen to the professor with the speakers or the earphones. I solved this problem creating a combination of output (Soundflower and speakers) through MIDI App. Obviously now I can't use buttons to choose the volume of the speakers and this is a really annoying thing.

But this is not the only problem because if I want to listen with, for example, the earphones instead of the built-in speakers, I have to create a second combination Soundflower+Earphones Output. Moreover, if I want to record also my voice (example for questions), I should do the same thing with the inputs: MacBook Microphone+Soundflower, Earphones Microphone+Sounflower etc.

You can understand that this is so complicated if you want versatility.

Obviously this is not a criticism to Soundflower, but to Apple…

So, Am I wrong or this is an unsolvable situation? If it's so, I can't understand why Apple can't create a system that let you choose to record or not what come from the Mac (Audio, Video etc.) and choose the same for the inputs.

With a dedicated function we should only choose "Record Audio from Mac", then the system will choose the inputs and the outputs according to what you connect to the Mac.

Sorry for this (maybe) personal outburst, but it's hours that I try to solve this really simple problem with no results.

Please, tell me if I'm wrong and how can I solve it.

Thank you!

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