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New macbook air – problems after migration

Last week I bought a new macbook air and migrated from my Time Machine backup. The backup is from a macbook air (not updated to Catalina) that I used for about 7 years and that still worked more or less fine.

I have been experiencing different malfunctioning since I started to use the new macbook. The computer sometimes does not turn on after stopping it (black monitor) and one time the trackpad completely froze (I had to connect to the charger to unfreeze it). Also, dictionary no longer allows me to add the thesaurus dictionary (I cannot activate on it on preferences). Finally, software update in system preferences keeps showing an update (as well as the red badge icon) even though I've already downloaded the update and restarted the system more than once. Finally today, after several restarting, everything was extremely slow (safari, opening files, etc.) so I had to restart it again.

I believe all this might have to do with migrating from my backup. What should I do? Thank you very much.

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