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Some photos appear corrupt on macOS Catalina

I run the latest macOS Catalina on my Mac (13" MacBook Pro 2018) and store all of my photos in a Photos library. I import them directly from the SD card of my Fujifilm X-T10 camera. All images than sync to my iPhone through iCloud.

Some of the photos, usually two sequential ones, as they have been taken with the camera and imported to the library, have a small left section moved to the right end of the image, as shown in this screenshot below (to make sure everybody sees the same thing).

Some photos appear corrupt on macOS Catalina

Below is the same image, but not modified, in its original form. It may appear non-corrupt if opened on other devices than Macs running latest Catalina.

Some photos appear corrupt on macOS Catalina

Initially, I thought this must be a problem with Photos. But then, when I copy the image from the SD card on my computer and open it with Preview, it looks exactly the same.

The image looks just fine on my iPhone, running the latest iOS version — both when opened in my Photos synced library, and send as a file over AirDrop, saved on iCloud, or attached to mail.

Further, the image looks just fine when opened on macOS Mojave. It renders correctly when opened directly from the SD card, when received over AirDrop or email.

On Ubuntu 19.10, same — no issues with the original file.

Yet, the file is corrupted if opened on the same machine with a clean installation of macOS Catalina and on another Mac of a friend of mine with the latest version of macOS Catalina.

I use this very setup to edit my images and print them. If I edit an image and then send it to the other devices as described above, the image appears corrupt on each and every one of them. Please see a quick edit.

Some photos appear corrupt on macOS Catalina

Please advise what the source of this issue may be.

My thinking is there is something wrong with the way the image is initially rendered by the operating system.

Thank you in advance for your help!

I feel that Apple cares less and less about actual performance and more and more about the visual appealing of its hardware and software.

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