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2017 MBA Auto-join to iPhone XR hotspot not working

My understanding was when iOS 13 came out it would finally allow for our macOS computers to "automatically" join an iPhones hot spot — without my manual intervention — as long as both are logged in to the same Apple ID.

This feature simply will not work for me at all. Every time Im out on the road and login to my MBA the hotspot connection fails to auto join. In fact many times it fails to connect to my iPhone HS even when I manually choose it from the list of wifi's available. When this happens, the only way to get it woking again is for me to turn off wifi radio and then back on, manually choose my iPhone and then it mysteriously start working.

This behavior is not just with my MBA, but also is happens on my wife's MBA. I tested the problem with my iMac as well and the same behavior.

Both my MBA and iPhone Xr are logged in with the identical Apple ID

My MBA network settings have my iPhone listed at the top of the list and the "auto join" checkbox is checked

My phones personal hotspot is setup for "allow others to join "

MBA is running 10.14.6

iPhone is running iOS 13.3.1

As far as I could find on forums I've configured both devices to take advantage of this auto-join feature but no matter, its not working as intended.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks

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