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Iphone 11 camera glass cracked, still no solutions

Like tons of other people, the glass covering my lower camera lens on my Iphone 11 is cracked. I have not dropped my phone and don't keep it in my pocket. Perhaps it hit something or whatever the cause, Apple's only solution is to rape the customer for $399 to replace the phone. What kind of company is Apple becoming? These glass covers can be replaced by taking the phone apart and removing the damaged glass and replacing with a new one. Some independent repair places do this based on Youtube videos but I cannot find one near me…. yet.

Apple with their BS wokeness and claims about worker wages etc is nothing but a facade. They earn their profits outside the US to avoid US taxes and use junk CHINESE parts and labor. That said they still rape the consumer for $1000 for a phone and then offer no repair service when damage occurs. That is unless you consider replacing your new phone for another $400 a repair. This is a marketing strategy to sway customers into purchasing Apple Care for another couple hundred dollars over the payment life of the phone. Yes, I know I don't need to buy an Apple product and I have choices. When enough people like me do decide to go with an Android product MAYBE Apple will decide to offer help to their customers at a fair price. Until then, buyer beware…

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