problems with Instant Message

My instant message no longer will send pictures on my iMac I tried testing sending a text to myself and that does not work either. For sending pictures what comes up is a window called FILE TRANSFERS that shows a list of pictures ( No text ) that I had attempted to send with a notice for each one that says " Waiting for ( my name ) to accept ". I've tried signing out of IM, spent 2hrs on phone with apple, who ended up saying I need to update, etc.. which is basically saying when in doubt it must be an update issue, which does not answer what is wrong. Well 6 days ago it worked fine, I turned my iMac off went away for a few days, came back turned it back on, downloaded some pictures and then tried to send a few different ones through IM. And the problem started. Any suggestions as to WHAT the problem could be….( besides updating ) Seems like there is some issue with file transfers? I'm running 10.13.6

thank you

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