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iPhone stuck on Apple Logo

Hello everyone! Two days ago I was on my iPhone 7 Plus and when I opened WhatsApp a message popped up saying: "Memory too full, exit WhatsApp." but this has happened loads of times since I only have 32 gb. So I went to my gallery to delete some photos but my gallery was just a black screen so I thought "Oh well, i'll just turn my phone off and back on again." So I turned my phone off and when I tried turning it back on it wouldn't, it's forever stuck on the black screen with the Apple Logo and it's been like this for 2 days now! Plus, I live in Italy and right now we're on lockdown for the coronavirus so I can't go get help from a technician. Any suggestions on what to do? I wouldn't want to do a DFU yet because I have important stuff on my phone. (And of course I tried resetting my phone with the Power and Volume button but no success.)iPhone stuck on Apple Logo

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