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MacBook Pro Retina 15" typical CPU/GPU operating temps? (kernel panics)

My MacBook Pro Retina 15" 2013 is running rather hot and has recently started crashing (kernel panics) despite a fresh install of Catania. Im accessing everything that can be done in attempt to not do a costly logic board replacement. Im thinking the issue is likely the system temps as they all seem pretty hot.

I've run iStat Menus and these are the Idle temps I'm getting:

CPU: 125-140°

GPU: 115°

With Just Safari and System Preferences open changing basic settings I'm seeing the CPU Die temp going to 160° and the GPU Die at 141°.

I've also attached an image of the system temps with just Safari open at the end of writing this for 10m?

I'm not an expert or experienced in understanding typical Mac operating temps so I'm hoping someone with a little more insight can help me understand what I should expect and what is normal. On the basis of my concern that "the system is running Hot" Apple has offered to take the system in, thoroughly disassemble, clean, and re-apply the thermal paste, so I'm hoping that these kernel panics are related to a dirty 7 year old system that just needs some TLC.MacBook Pro Retina 15" typical CPU/GPU operating temps? (kernel panics)

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