macOS Catalina

Installing Catalina On two partitions.

I have up to now partitioned my

internal HD in to 3 partitions.  OS, Data

and a second OS.  The second OS is a

backup (via ChronoSync) of the main OS.  I

do this as I am on the road a lot with my PWB and if my system gives up I can quickly

switch partitions and work again.


Now if I install Catalina it will

create a second partition on the partition that has my OS on it.  So far so good.


Now if I

want to maintain my structure as I have been having it up to now (3 portions on

the internal HD) how do I do that?  I can

erase the present Data partition and give the space to both OS partitions, no

problem.  But as soon as I install Catalina on the

second partition it will create a virtual volume.   Now I have two places where data is stored

and wasted space.  And this I did not

have in the past, as the second Data partition was available to both OS




has an idea as to how to work with that? 


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