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I have tried to activate global TV by going to the sign in page. It provided me an eight digit number/letter. I then used that to go to global used the access code given then selected my Internet provider which is Bell MTS, then I entered my email and password and it correctly verified it and went back to the global screen which said activating. From there nothing happens on my TV screen which is supposed to automatically update when you signed in. After about 15mins it says not found try again.

I have tried this several times, including a restart on the Apple TV box I have also reset my Internet connection where it comes into the house. I have a solid ethernet connection from my Internet box to the Apple TV box. I then decided to download CBC live from the app, and went to all exactly the same procedures trying to activate CBC live from the web. All the same things happened meaning the Apple TV box doesn’t recognize the activation and won’t reset my TV screen (it just times out)

so to conclude this seems to be an Apple TV problem…….I just bought an Apple TV 4K 64mb couple days ago with a year free subscription from Costco in Winnipeg, Mb Canada

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