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updated to Mojave from High Sierra now Logic midi not communicating with Behringer Model D midi

Ever since updating my MBP mid 2012 15" Retina from OS High Sierra to Mojave my Behringer Model D will not show up in the external instrument plugin as a midi instrument although you can create it and see it in the midi environment. The Model D even shows up in audio midi setup and tests positive ! This all worked fine Under High Sierra. I even tried running Logic 10.4.6, on Mojave same result. I know for a fact Logic 10.4.6 and High Sierra everything worked fine… Why did I update to Mojave ????

Anybody have any ideas I tried everything trashing prefs, resetting prefs, only thing I did not do is revert back to OS High Sierra a worst case scenario I'm not ready for. P.S. Model D Firmware is current.

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