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……………………..THE ROTTEN APPLE …………………… I had the worse experience ever after taken a bite into apple 2day. By far the worse experience with a phone company I ever had. It left the worse god awful rotten taste of experience in my mouth. Now I am switching back to android. Never have I ever been treated with such disrespect by anyone in my life. I can not believe what just happened. I made an instant transfer from my bank account into my Apple Cash Account, which the rotten apple has verified. A very big mistake by doing and makes me regret ever buying my rotten apple device. For no reason whatsoever they locked my account. All identities and accounts were verified. I even uploaded my ID they verified and approved my account. I asked why they locked my account, they had no answer except it’s been flagged. Okay I get that, but why was it flagged ? I never got an answer from the stupid ******* ********. I been on the phone with them for about 6 long horrifying hours since 4:30pm trying to get access to my account only to get put on hold for 45mins to an Hour and a 1/2 each time I speak to someone just to be put on hold. What the **** ? They said it will be 3 to five days before they can have the issue fixed but wouldn’t explain what the issue was. **********’s It only takes a couple of minutes and a few clicks of the mouse to fix your mistake. But 1st you have to get off your lazy *****. It was every dollar I had. Now I can’t get the food or medications we need. I have no other means to feed my kids and my daughter is very sick. I couldn’t even get the medication she needed so now we are in the Emergency Room being treated. Now this has been the worse Rotten Apple Of Them All. I was treated worse then dog **** on the bottom of a shoe. My means to provide for my children was Stolen from me by this evil Rotten Apple of a company. Now I understand why GOD said do not eat the apple. It’s Rotten and very very evil. May GOD punish and destroy these evil thieves for the suffering they inflicted without any care for the pain they caused us. Spending the night at the Emergency Room. Never has anything rotten like this apple cared about what it can destroy. TOOK A BITE OF THE ROTTEN APPLE

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