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Trouble syncing iPhone photos with SLR photos in chronological order on iMac Photos

I have photos taken on an SLR and iPhone 7s and the time stamps are correct according to the time the photos were taken. However, there is no location data for the SLR photos, and the iPhone photos have the correct location data. The problem is that these photos are not displaying in chronological order in the album I created. They are 6 hours apart (the time difference between where I live in Hong Kong and where the photos were taken in South Africa).

I have tried the View>Sort>Keep sorted by Oldest First and the photos are still 6 hours apart in the chronological order. The iPhone photos with South Africa location data is appearing 6 hours after the SLR photos taken at same spot at the same time.

The iPhone photos will appear in the correct chronological position only if I adjust the date and time to 6 hours ahead. Is there a better method or do I have to resort to trick the system this way?

Also, strangely enough, the time stamp of the videos taken just after photos were taken on the iPhone show a time stamp of plus 6 hours, whereas the photos that follow the videos have the correct time stamp again.

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