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Transfer music from iPod classic to iPod touch using MacBook Pro (not original computer)

I have an iPod classic that I got for Christmas or my birthday years ago. I love it. I don’t have as much music as some of you, but hey, 2400 songs is a lot to me. When I got my new MacBook Pro, I also got a new iPod touch. I do not have access to the old computer (PC) – it died. I would very much like to move all 2400 songs to the new iPod. I’ve visited and read these questions and answers and never could figure it out. I have MacBook Pro High Sierra, the iPod touch 6th generation and of course the 80 gb classic. Even if it’s difficult or time consuming, I’d like to do this. It would just have to dumbed down for me probably. I couldn’t get my iPod classic to show up as disc mode either. It just stayed on the music screen even after I saw the Apple come up. So I’m not sure where I went wrong. If anyone has some suggestions they can give me to get this done (and please no smart alec remarks or comments), I’d appreciate it.

Thank you

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