macOS Catalina

Dual Catalina boot machine to separate work and home systems.

I would like to separate and isolate my work data (emails, apps, google drive, etc) from my home data (emails, iCloud storage, accounts, etc). I have been looking into making my laptop a dual boot Catalina machine and so far have installed a second OS on an APFS volume. All seams to work fine except every time I log in I am asked by Security Agent to authenticate as a user from the other OS partition in order to decrypt the volume and mount it.

I actually don’t want any connectivity between the two OS’s – the two Volumes – and ideally I don’t want to be asked to mount the other volume every time I log into the machine.

Question: If I used a partition (container) rather than a volume, would the OS still want to mount the other OS at log in?

Question: Is there a way to completely isolate partitions/containers/volumes from each other on a single disk such that two instances of the OS are completely independent and secure?

Many thanks in advance for your insights.

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