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icloud failure to work with vpn because of rotating servers

I use often vpn to add some security and privacy.

I bought a 3 year license from a vpn provider which simply can switch at random to a new connection worldwide but almost everything including apple its products does not handle this well.

It constant nags to relogin and sometimes even on the same connection.

But its not only apple its products which does not really work with vpn M$ and google seems to hate vpn as well, especially gmail which actually blocks access to the email i use.

I found out that i need a fixed non free email provider which copes with vpn without issues to make sure i can confirm that i am the one using it.

And if you dare to use extra security it becomes a complete nightmare, sometimes i can not even connect with anything unless i turn of the vpn

Especially Icloud is a huge pain in the behind it simply refuses to work at all with vpn enabled, and not even the rotating option is the issue it simply refuses to connect.

Seems security comes with huge penalties for these super firms who constant nag us to make your system secure, but their products fail to work or partially with extra security measures.

It involves almost every aspect between windows 10 and with the iphone and the software provided by almost every company

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