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Parts of Touchscreen Become Randomly Unresponsive

There is an invisible “band” across my iPad Pro (9.7-inch)'s screen that randomly becomes unresponsive. It is horizontal (when iPad held portrait mode) and is a little below the volume side buttons.

It becomes unresponsive unpredictably. Sometimes it happens for a few hours, while other times a few minutes. Locking, restarting or force restarting the iPad do not fix it. The only (severely inconvenient) “solution” is to wait it out without being able to use that part of the screen.

The most problematic issue is that when held landscape, the letters “e”, “r”, “t”, “d”, “f”, “x”, “c” and “v” do not work on the keyboard – the only option is to hold my iPad in portrait to type when this issue happens, which is quite uncomfortable.

Sometimes touches in the band are registered as touches / long swipes elsewhere on the screen.

Here is a visual representation of where it is unresponsive. I went into a drawing app and swiped across the screen. The band between the strokes on the left hand side is where it is unresponsive (ignore the space on the right, the issue does not persist there). Diagonal lines are where the touches registered incorrectly, another symptom of this issue. iPad was held in landscape mode with home button on the right:

Parts of Touchscreen Become Randomly Unresponsive

I’m assuming this issue is software related, as sometimes it works just fine, and there are no physical signs of damage or discolouration of the screen, etc.. Does anyone know a fix?

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