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Duplicate a track, regions included (especially a large track stack)

Hi, everybody

Back with another question.

Is there any way to duplicate an entire track, regions included, not just make a new track with identical settings? Seems like there must be. That’s a standard operation in any program.

I’m writing a strophic song with MANY verses. Think Dylan’s Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands, or Desolation Row. Each verse is on it’s own track as a Track Stack with many subtracts. It’s laborious to copy each subtrack down for every new verse.

I just can’t find it. I’ve tried breaking down into 2 operations: 1) make a new track with duplicate settings and copy the track stack from the old verse down into the new track. Yes, the new verse has an identical set of subtracks. But I can’t get Logic to copy the stack down. It just pastes it into the existing track.

I must be missing something obvious, people. What is it?

Thanking you in advance!!!

Call me Bewildered.

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