How and which ones do I get rid of please Multiple anti Virus Installed.

  1. Mac users should avoid running multiple antivirus software packages at the same time. Most third party antivirus software attempts to perform the same operations on the same files. They can interfere with each other and cause problems.
  2. Your iMac has multiple antivirus apps installed from the following vendors: Apple, Trusteer, and F-Secure.
  3. If your iMac is having performance problems, it may good idea to uninstall all third party antivirus software just to find out how it performs running only Apple’s built-in antivirus protection. Then, if you choose to reinstall a third party antivirus software package, you will have a better idea of how much the third party antivirus software will cost in terms of performance and stability.
  4. Third party antivirus software will often require low-level system modifications. Look for this software in the Kernel extensionsLaunch daemonsLaunch agents, and User Launch agents sections of your EtreCheck report. Software listed in these sections is the software most like to cause problems with your machine.
  5. Before installing new software, always research the company or developer that makes it. If you haven’t done that until now, then research the software that you have already installed. Scamware is a huge business. Even if software does something useful, it could be collecting personal information about you, your computer and software, your contacts, or your web browsing history. Don’t assume it is safe just because it is sold in Apple’s App Store. See if you can find the developer of the software anywhere outside of the App Store. Do you own research. “Software review” or “top 10” websites are often just advertisements. If you have any questions, you can always ask on online discussion forums such as Apple Support Communities.

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