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MacBook Pro keeps shutting down unless I keep moving the mouse

I have a MacBook Pro 2012 15” with MacOS 10.15.2. This suddenly shut down while working on it. Every time I try to restart it gets to the user sign in and then turns off and restarts unless I keep moving the trackpad. It Will then restart and work fine provided I keep moving the cursor or keep typing. If I stop for 6 seconds it turns off and restarts.

Also, at the same time:

  • the backspace key stopped working
  • the battery indicator doesn’t show in the taskbar (after SMC reset)
  • the fan runs constantly (after SMC reset)
  • System Preferences > Energy Saver shows current battery charge as 0% and if I click “show battery status in menu bar” it immediately de- selects itself
  • the battery doesn’t recharge (it has gone completely flat now and will only start when plugged in).
  • when he power cord is plugged in, the LED is a very very faint green (as opposed to red for charging or bright green for charged)
  • the keyboard is no longer backlit
  • -it doesn’t sleep when the lid is closed

A few notes:

  • I hadn’t been online or installed any software for over a month prior to this since I work on a ship, and I had been using the machine daily.
  • it still does it if I start in safe mode
  • I performed an SMC reset. This led to some of the additional problems, as indicated above. I tried another SMC reset but to no avail.
  • i have tried resetting the NVRAM
  • after the battery ran down I have left it plugged in overnight in case it might fully charge the battery. It did not.

Any suggestions as to what is going on and whether I can fix this. Or might this be a motherboard failure?

Many thanks,


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