macOS High Sierra

Reinstall (I think I broke my Mac)

I have an older iMac (Not actually sure, what it's called.

I never really use it. I decided to use it again, but I forgot my password.

I tried to reset the password, but that didn't work. I then decided to reinstall the entire computer since I don't really have anything important on it. I deleted the Macintosh-thing and then tried to install MacOS Sierra on it, but it doesn't work. Everytime I push the "next" buttom, it keep telling me that "Apple need to confirm the computer, when I reinstall" or something. If I press "continue" it goes back to the first picture. If I press "Next" it goes back to the same message.

I can't use the computer at all now. If I turn it off and on again, it goes back to the reinstall "macOS Sierra" and the same thing happens.

What do I do?

I am really bad at computers. Please keep the help light. 🙂

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