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Apple News Ads – Specifically Apple News+

Hello all, and thank you for taking the time to review my question and offer your feedback. My question today is one I have struggled on numerous occasions to find an answer. What I’m seeking is a means to block Apple News + from showing up in my news feed all together. Primary reason, I’m never going to subscribe to their + program and it is increasingly annoying to have that take up my news feed.

To date I have already turned on limit add tracking, that didn’t work. I also removed the flag for Location-Based Apple Ads, that failed to work as well. And finally I followed a lot of posts online to block/hide posts within the News app by trying to click on the sharing option within the app and hide/block/blacklist Apple News +. Again that isn’t even possible, below are my photos of that process. You will notice that the standard share option is grayed out and it cannot be clicked, this is where the option to block is found. if you have figured out how to block these overbearing ads by Apple, I’d really appreciate your help.

Apple News Ads - Specifically Apple News+

Thank you!

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