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Contacts not the same across devices?

I will try to make this simple. I can freely text to/from all of my contacts on my iPhone however there are significant differences with some of my contacts on my iPad. They are linked through iCloud.

”Sandra” is one of my contacts on my iPhone. I can find her in my contacts and text her normally, she has an iPhone too. “Sandra” isn’t even in my list of contacts on my iPad- when I type her name it comes up as lastname/Sandra (Siri found in mail). Her full contact is on my iPhone.

I have my contacts set to sync through iCloud on both devices.

Some contacts who send me a text on my phone come through as their name on my iPhone but on my iPad their message shows as their phone number.

I've never been able to figure out what is wrong. Hopefully one or more of you do and will take a minute to offer a solution.

Thank you!

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