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iPhone X Goes into Silent mode by itself

I just wanted to post to everyone with this issue, that it is not a software issue and won’t be able to be fixed via software updates, hard reset, etc…

the button itself is defective. Which is funny because my wife NEVER uses it. It’s always is silent mode. Hers started having a pop-up and off like 10 times in a row (off-on-off-on.) I narrowed it down to the toggle/switch itself. When in silent, if you just barely tap the toggle, without actually flipping it over to silent mode off, it switches from off to on.

i plan on taking to Apple (not under warranty anymore) just so they start having records of people with this defect. Since there was an exact closed post with over 380 “me too” selected, this should be something fixed by Apple under a program. But will never be unless they know it’s a huge issue. My X hasn’t started doing it (I’m always in silent mode too) yet. I’m sure it’ll be too expensive for Apple to replace, so I’ll have to have her switch replaced. I’ll report back once replaced.

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