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iPhone11Pro + iOS13; Creates "People Albums" and places the same in "From My Mac"

I have learned how to stop and delete the People Album (s) that are generated by deleting the scanned faces that Photos detects from the photos I transfer to my iPhone.. However those same People Albums are also placed automatically into "From My Mac" albums.

My photo collection stems from my new iPhone11Pro and a DSLR. I use my MacBookPro to collect, organize and process the photos. My master photo library is on my MacBookPro and has local backups drives. I do not use cloud services to store or share. I use my iPhone Photos "From My Mac" as a mobile set of albums which mimics the old multi volume set you would find on a shelf. Syncing is done through The Finder.

How do I stop/delete the automatic face scanning and the "People Albums" that are placed into the "From My Mac" albums I upload From My Mac?

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