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Use of Apple TV Device with T-Mobile Hotspot

I live in a rural area where the local municipality has given a long-term, exclusive contract to only one cable TV provider. This company has a monopoly over cable TV service, but not re Internet service and telephone service. However, other companies have refused to wire the town since the eventual arrival of 5G will not not allow those costs to be recovered.

Company X has monopoly pricing power. Under the terms of the contract, the town has no regulatory authority over pricing. Company X has been dramatically raising rates for everything: cable TV, Internet access, and VOIP phone service.

I am trying to cut the cord, particularly re cable TV service and Internet access. I have the temporary use of a T-Mobile Hotspot, and it is fine for streaming to my phone and laptop.

At present, my Apple TV device is cabled into the TV modem. The T-Mobile Hotspot has no cable ports

Is there a way to allow the T-Mobile Hotspot to "talk to" my Apple TV device so as to allow me access to the streaming options available on the Apple TV?

Are there other devices similar to the T-Mobile Hotspot that will allow me to do what I wish?


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