MacBook Air

my MacAir built in 2012 won't turn on

The ssequence of "events" that created my problem are as follows:

1) The Icon for my HP Printer, conneccted wirelessly to my MacAir, disappeared

2) I tried to reset the computer using the software menu to do so; nothing happened

3) I tried to shutdown the computer using the software menu to do so, nothing happened

4) I preessed and held on to the "Power Off (same as Power On) key on the top right corner of the keyboard and eventually it turned off

5) For the entire time period, the computer was connected to AC and the LED of the power cord was always green

6) Since the time it has turned off, several days ago, I have not been able to turn it on

7) I called Apple Support and did all the "software" tricks they recommended ; eg ddisconnected the power cord, held on simultaneously to Shift Control Option and POWER buttons simultnaeously , released them all simultaneously and then pressed the POWER button. Nothing happened. Green LED

stays on throughout on power connection. Tried all variations of the above technique suggested by online searching

8) I am an electrical engineer. I measured the voltages on the 5 pin connector comming into the power connection connector and they are all what they are supposed to be

9) Has anybody experienced a similar problem that was cured by some method not already outlined herein? Suggestion truly welcomed. Thank you

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