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Internet connects…but App Store and other apps won't?

Hey everyone,

I currently am running Mojave 10.14.6 on a 2014 15" retina display MacBook Pro.

What I'm struggling with is that while my internet connection seems to work consistently and in various places, several of my apps and other core functions that require internet connection aren't…connecting.

For example, I've been disconnected from iMessage and app store. I can't get them to connect and receive either no response or error messages saying there's a server error. iMessage hasn't synced properly in over a month.

With Adobe creative suite, I'm continuously logged out and struggle to reconnect whenever I put my computer to sleep, which makes using Photoshop or Acrobat Reader hard.

I also use DJ software that interfaces with Spotify, and that app can't connect to Spotify and then crashes with each timed out attempt.

I contacted Apple support and they gave me instructions to reset the SMC and NVRAM/PRAM, but those steps didn't seem to resolve the issue.

So thought I'd reach out here. Anyone encountering a similar issue or have a fix?

Thank you!

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