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Watch not syncing to activity app on phone

This has been going on since 15 Dec. I have had an apple case open since 15 Jan now and it is still not resolved. I am beyond frustrated. Hours and hours on the phone with apple support. I have tried EVERYTHING. I have lost faith in apple. I have looked through these forums and found a lot of people have had this issue before, but the apple support people say "they have never hear of this before" I have been sent a new phone to try to resolve this issue too and it still doesn't work. I asked if maybe trying a new watch might work and they say "it seems to be a software issue so a new watch won't fix the issue" Well, I don't know what else to try. I have reset all settings on my phone, un-paired my watch, re-paired from back up..tried as a new watch. Turned on and off airplane mode, turned both watch and phone off and turned back on, checked calibration settings.. pressed on the activity app to change my move goal…seriously I have gone through every possible way to fix this issue. Apple Watch was such a waste of money. I am so disappointed to pay so much for something to just stop working.

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