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How long does a 7th generation iPod nano battery usually last?

Hello guys, on March 19th last year I bought a 7th generation iPod nano and I unboxed it last month because I was abroad for almost a year.

On the one hand, it's been three times that I have to charge and/or recharge it since I bought it. The first time was because the battery was dead when I unboxed it, my guess is that it may have drained during the time it was unused. On the other hand, the other two times the iPod's battery drained very quickly while I was listening to the Radio.

Before I charged it last time, I'd been listening to the radio, too but that time I tested my iPod to know how long the battery would last in continuous use and the maximum amount of time it lasted was like 7 hours.

Aren't 7th generation iPod nanos' batteries supposed to last like 30 hours or something?

Is this normal?

It'll be out of warranty on 19th this month (in 5 days) and I really don't know what to do.

Should I take to an Apple store and/or call Apple technical support?

Thanks in advance and have a good evening.

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