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Printshop 4 and Catalina – an alternative using Swift Publisher 5

Before I upgrade to Catalina, I wanted to find a way to preserve my existing PrintShop projects.. It doesn't sound like Mackiev is going to support Catalina anytime soon. Of course, i could alway save them as PDF but they would not be editable without Adobe Acrobat (not reader) which I didn't want to spend money on. I downloaded Swift Publisher 5 as suggested in one of the channels. With Swift opened and new blank page, I then opened Printshop 4. I could then select everything in Printshop and copy/paste into Swift. You can even drag/drop from Printshop to Swift. If you try to copy everything at once, only the text seems to work so you might have to do things in pieces.

I realize this might be time consuming if you have a lot of projects that you need to keep editable, but it is a workable solution. Special things like Headings (TextArt) come in as pictures.

I hope this helps some of the PrintShop community.

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