Safari refreshing pages while I'm keying in information

Safari keeps refreshing the page in the middle of trying to add payment options on my Microsoft account. While it's comical that Apple won't let me pay Microsoft, it is driving me absolutely crazy since I'm trying to pay for my XBox live subscription. I'm aware that I can fix this by straight-up not using safari, but my main questions are "why?", "what is causing this to happen?", "why is it only this site?" it has never happened anywhere else. Has anyone else had this problem? Were you able to fix it?

BEFORE RESPONDING: Please attempt to replicate the issue before responding. Use safari, go to, then, then manage your payment options, add a new one, and select credit/debit. About 10 seconds after this is when the page automatically refreshes and kicks me right back to "select payment method" page (with the list that you can choose from; credit/debit, PayPal, etc.)

I like using safari's strong passwords, they are super nifty, but if i can't enter my info then I can't use safari.

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