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Compressor 4.4.5 vs 4.4.6 – HEVC + Alpha channel

I just bought the latest version of Compressor to do one thing…encode H.265(HEVC) video with an alpha channel embedded.

The Apple documentation for version 4.4.5 clearly states:

• Encodes HEVC with alpha channel in a QuickTime movie file

My download last night is an updated version of 4.4.6

Upon investigation in the encode settings for an H.265 / HEVC codec file, there is no longer a

checkbox that used to be there in earlier versions.

There used to be a checkbox that was labeled: "preserve alpha channel"

when encoding as HEVC.

Am I missing something in the new version 4.4.6 ?


Can I download a previous version 4.4.5 so that I may be able to use the feature that was previously included in compressor…?

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