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Using Iphone 11 Pro Model A2215 With U.S. Carrier


I was recently abroad for 3 months and during that time period I had my U.S. iphone stolen. Due to this I needed an immediate replacement and opted to purchase an Iphone 11 Pro from an authorized retailer (istyle) located in Budapest, Hungary. During my time abroad I used a foreign sim and had no issues.

Upon returning to the U.S. I reached out to my carrier, Verizon, and requested a new SIM for my phone. Verizon informed me that because my phone was an international model, model A2215, I would be unable to use it on their network. Despite this, I requested the new SIM and installed it in my phone. So far, the Verizon SIM card is working, and I am able to send and receive texts/calls with my U.S. number.

I understand that there are different models of the Iphone 11, such as the world model or U.S. model, and that these different models are compatible with different frequencies. However, I am not sure to what extent it will impact my coverage.

Can anyone elaborate on the consequences of using this model A2215 vs a U.S. model. Or point me in the right direction?

Thanks in Advance

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