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Free 12 month AppleTV trial cancelled by accidental monthly subscription

Hi there

In Feb 2020 I clicked Confirm on my new iPhone to get the 12 month AppleTV subscription and nothing happened, meaning no email to say that I had the subscription and no changes to my iPhone.

A couple of weeks later I tried again, then somehow went to the Settings or Accounts area to find to my surprise that I had been billed monthly charges for AppleTV.

Should I be allowed to take out a new subscription when one already has a subscription?

Has this happened to anyone else?

I contacted Apple Support who say that the accidental monthly sub over-rides the 12 month Trial so they won't reinstate it.

I did NOT buy the AppleTV sub via the Apple Store but by clicking on Confirm on the Apple TV APP on my iPhone and there was NO message or warning that I already had a Sub when I clicked on the Confirm button the second time around.

Thanks for reading this.

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