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Storage Space & iCloud Storage

This is why I am still a bit confused about storage space. I have always used Windows Operating Systems. The repairman could add more memory to the computer, Windows also did Automatic Backups too. Not sure where those backups were going, but still thought storage worked the same way. All of the photos & other files that went with the apps you have installed on that device I had stored from all different sources were being backed up. The pictures were scanned using the scanner attached to my device. The folders the app created to store them in are being backed up. Yes, that is what one of the techs who did Remote Access on my computer & other techs were sending to me. 

Those folders which included some things I didn’t want them to mess with along with other files & renaming things. Is why I turned things off to try & stop them from continuing doing whatever it is they were planning to do. Some of the files included in the backups were homework assignments created using the apps they wouldn’t help with even though they worked properly before whatever it is they just did. This is what I always tried to follow up on depending on what repair options we used. If the tech comes to the house then if you call them back to help on something that no longer works properly. 

The 50 GB iCloud storage is not added as part of the storage that it comes with originally? 32 GB is what it came with. So 32 GB + whatever iCloud storage you are given with each new iPad prior to purchasing the 50 GB iCloud storage space. 

If you're still signed in with your Apple ID on the device, it might reappear on your account page the next time your device connects to the Internet. To permanently remove the device from your account page, sign out of iCloud, iTunes & App Stores, iMessage, FaceTime, and Game Center on that device, or erase that device.

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